Life is full of high-maintenance concerns - but
your deck shouldn't be one of them.

TimberTech composite decking and railing is a
revolutionary alternative to traditional wood that
doesn't rot, warp or splinter - and never needs
staining or sealing.

Imagine a beautiful backyard oasis that looks like
new year after year. A stunning pool deck that
makes entertaining a joy. Or a carefree boat dock
that defies the elements, day in and day out.

TimberTech offers you more colors, more options,
more possibilities - and promises you less worry
than wood or other composites. Because, finally,
your ultimate outdoor living space is for living, not
5 Reasons to Choose TimberTech:

    Low Maintenance

    Because TimberTech's revolutionary composite
    decking resists sun and water damage, it
    maintains its             color and beauty for years.
    You do not need to paint, stain or seal it - often
    burdensome yearly projects with traditional wood
    decks. And, because it resists weathering and
    warping, you won't need to replace rotting,
    uneven or insect-damaged boards. Caring for
    your TimberTech deck is easy and will keep it
    looking new year after year.

    TimberTech can even save you money over the
    life of your deck. Compare long-term costs of
    composite decks to traditional lumber decks.

    Resists Heating and Fading

    Whichever TimberTech color you choose, it will
    stay rich, vibrant and naturally beautiful for
    years to come.

    TimberTech decking planks are made with high
    quality raw material blended with UV-inhibiting
    pigments to produce products consistent in
    color. Because of the quality of material used,
    most TimberTech products fade less than other

    Your deck will also stay cool to the touch. The
    effect that heat has on TimberTech products is
    similar to the effect it has on a wood deck.
    TimberTech colors were developed with highly
    reflective, inorganic pigments that minimize heat


    Unlike traditional wood decks, TimberTech decks
    are splinter-free and skid-free, making your
    home or business a little safer. At home, you can
    relax and kick your shoes off. At your business,
    you'll feel better about doing more to keep your
    customers safe.

    And because TimberTech's non-skid surface
    also resists water damage, it's ideal for pool
    decks and boat docks.


    Traditional wood decks can be beautiful - but not
    for long. Wet springs, blistering summers and
    frigid winters quickly take their toll, leaving your
    wood deck faded, splintered and warped. Our
    composite decking is made from a patented
    process that results in superior, consistent, low-
    maintenance decking material. We're so
    confident of it's durability that we back it with a
    25-year warranty. Your TimberTech deck will
    look like new for years, resisting weathering and

     Increase the Value of Your Home

    TimberTech decks not only add value to your
    lifestyle, they add value to your home. When you
    add a TimberTech composite deck - or use it to
    replace a wood deck - you'll recoup much of
    your investment when you sell your home.
    Remodeling Magazine's 2005 Cost vs. Value
    Report estimates a national average of a 90.3%
    return on investment for deck additions*. In
    some areas, the return is more than 100%. To
    maximize your return, Realty Times suggests
    using a non-rectangle design, and making your
    deck an extension of your living space.

(*Based on a 16'X20' composite deck set in simple linear pattern, using
pressure-treated SYP joists supported by 4"X4" posts in concrete
footings, built-in bench and planter of same composite decking
material, steps and complete railing system of same or similar decking
For the beauty of a wooden deck with less care and
effort, choose Elk Cross Timbers composite decking.
Its superior engineering and design creates a deck that
lasts longer than ordinary wooden decks with less
maintenance. You can rest assured you've made the
right choice with Cross Timbers
The Original because
it's covered by a 20-year limited warranty.*

Cross Timbers
The Original won't warp, crack,
splinter or rot like wood.

Cross Timbers
The Original is lighter in weight and
easier to handle than other composites and resists
scratching. Cross Timbers is a unique mixture of oak
and harder, stronger polypropylene, yielding superior
strength, longevity and dimensional stability.
Four Beautiful Color Options Available
Cross Timbers VL - The Value Leader...a beautiful
choice, naturally.

Natural beauty that's good to your wallet - and nature
too. Choosing Elk Cross Timbers VL decking is a
decision you can feel good about. Its unique recipe
preserves natural resources so you can enjoy the
beautiful look of wood without all the worry. Best of
all, it's easy to maintain, and an easy way to enhance
the exterior of your home. Now that's what we call

- Resists sagging, splintering, warping,
  insects and rotting.

- Holds up against high-traffic wear and
  tear better than other composites.

- Covered by a 15-year limited warranty*

- None of the toxic chemicals of treated wood

- Sabre clip concealed fasteners reduce
  screw  heads from deck surface

- Available in two beautiful colors

Deep Color . Enduring Beauty

Cross Timbers VL is available in two distinct
natural-looking shades to complement any architecture
or color palette. The coloring goes completely through
each board to ensure long-lasting color that will age
naturally and look beautiful for years to come.
We have TimberTech and Elk composite lumber for your deck building projects.